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Scope of Services:

  • Custom Design

  • Space Planning

  • Finish, Furnishing and Fixture Selections

  • Project Management



The Design Process:

  • Initial Interview

We provide a complimentary in-home client meeting to get to know you, learn how you plan to use the space, identify your overall style, and understand the scope of your project. We will explain pricing and the process we use to execute a design project at this time. All questions are welcome!

  • Letter of Agreement

We will prepare a written confirmation of the project scope, including fees. Being clear and honest is important to us.

  • Design Development

After the basic direction for the design has been established, we will begin the research process to locate images of finishings, furnishings, layouts, colors, etc. The traffic flow will be studied, floorplans will be sketched, and design boards will be developed. Designing is a process and you will be an integral part of the team. It is important to continually check in with you to ensure we stay on track according to your personal preferences and goals. We want you to enjoy this process, and ultimately love the finished space we create together.

  • Finishing and Furnishing Selections

We will assist you with making your final choices down to the last detail. It is our goal to provide you with excellent customer service and expert design plans.

  • Design Documentation

Complete documentation of the design solution will be created. Finishing and furnishing specifications will be provided to you and your contractor making the execution phase of the project seamless and enjoyable. 

  • Project Execution

We will visit the construction sites to guide and assist you and your contractor. We will make ourselves available for questions and clarifications as they arise. We will place furniture orders and oversee fabrication of custom items.



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